No keyboard trap

Rule ID Keyboard 3
Definition object and applet elements must not trap the keyboard.
  • If an embedded application (i.e. object or applet element) traps the keyboard, keyboard users will not be able to use the web page.
  • HTML4 Legacy Techniques (Required)
  • HTML5 and ARIA Techniques (Required)
WCAG Success Criteria

2.1.2 No Keyboard Trap (Level A, Primary Success Criterion)

Rule Category Keyboard Support
Scope Element
Target Resources object and applet elements
  • applet
  • object
  • Use tabindex="-1" on the element to remove it from "tab" order of the page.
  • If the embedded application does support accessibility, use a button to move focus to the application.
Manual Checks
  • Move keyboard focus to the embedded application and see if you can move focus back to the web content using just the keyboard.
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