Headings nested in landmarks

Definition Headings must be properly nested within a landmark.
  • Headings provide a way to indicate the structure and to label the sections of content within a landmark.
  • Headings and there associated heading levels provide a way for people using assistive technology to understand and navigate the structure of the content within a landmark.
Required Yes for HTML5 and ARIA Techniques ruleset mapping
WCAG 2.0 Success Criteria

1.3.1 Info and Relationships (Level A, Primary Success Criterion)

Rule Category Headings
Scope Element
Target Resources Landmark elements
  • h1
  • h2
  • h3
  • h4
  • h5
  • h6
  • Use an h1 element for the first heading in main landmarks.
  • Use an h2 element for the first heading in other top level landmarks.
  • Use heading elements to identify the content of each section within a landmark.
  • Properly nest of heading elements within a landmark (e.g. h2 follows h1 headings, h3 follows h2 headings, ...).
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