main landmark: at least one

Rule ID Landmark 1
Definition Each page must have at least one main landmark, used to identify the main content.
  • A main landmark provides a navigation point to the primary content of the page for users of assistive technologies.
  • Most pages only need one main landmark, but in the case of portals or mashups, there may be more than one main landmark on a "page".
Required Yes for HTML5 and ARIA Techniques ruleset mapping
WCAG Success Criteria

2.4.1 Bypass Blocks (Level A, Primary Success Criterion)

Rule Category Landmarks
Scope Page
Target Resources [role="main"] and main element
  • main
  • A main element or an element with a role="main" attribute defines a main landmark.
  • When there is only one main landmark on the page (the typical case), do not use a label.
  • When there is more than one main landmark, use the aria-labelledby or aria-label attribute to describe the content of each.
  • If you need to support Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, you must NOT use the main element since the element is supported in the accessibility API, just use role="main" to identify the main landmark.
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