Verify title is the label.

Rule ID Control 9
Definition Verify that the title attribute content serves as an appropriate label for the form control, and not only as a tooltip.
  • When the title attribute is used for tooltips, it often uses more words than needed to label a form control for users of assistive technologies.
  • Use aria-label to provide a shorter label to users of assistive technologies if the title attribute content is determined not to be an optimal label.
Required Yes for HTML4 Legacy Techniques ruleset mapping
WCAG Success Criteria

3.3.2 Labels or Instructions (Level A, Primary Success Criterion)

Rule Category Forms
Scope Element
Target Resources textarea, select and input elements
  • input
  • select
  • textarea
  • The preferred technique for labeling form controls is to use the label element and its for attribute to reference the id attribute value of the form control element.
  • An alternative technique is to use the label element to encapsulate the form control element.
  • In special cases, the aria-labelledby attribute can be used on the form control element to reference the id(s) of the elements on the page that describe its purpose.
  • In special cases, the aria-label attribute can be used on the form control element to provide an explicit text description of its purpose.
  • The title attribute will be used as the last resort to provide a label for the form control.
Manual Checks
  • If the title attribute is the labeling technique of last resort, use other form labeling techniques.
  • Reserve the title attribute for tooltips if they are needed for your form.
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