embed for video must have captions

Rule ID Video 6
Definition Live and prerecorded video with synchronized audio (i.e. a movie, lecture) using the embed element must have synchronized captions.
  • Synchronized captions provide a means for people who cannot hear the audio content of a video to have access to the speech and sounds of the video.
  • Some types of learning disabilities effect auditory processing, captoins provide an alternative way to understand the audio content of a video.
  • This rule covers the requirements of both WCAG 2.0 Success Criteria 1.2.2 and 1.2.4, and therefore covers both live and prerecorded content.
Required Yes for HTML4 Legacy Techniques ruleset mapping
WCAG Success Criteria

1.2.2 Captions (Prerecorded) (Level A, Primary Success Criterion)

Rule Category Audio/Video
Scope Element
Target Resources embed elements
  • embed
  • Consider using the video element instead of the object element for video containing synchronized audio. The video element has better support for adding caption tracks.
  • Use video authoring tools and player technologies that support captioning. Use the features of the authoring system and player to add open or closed captions to the video.
  • If closed captions are not support, use open captioning to include captions as part of the video.
  • Open captioning is the only way to insure that captions are available on most cells phones and tablet computers.
Manual Checks
  • When captions are enabled on the media player, verify the captions are visible.
  • Verify that the captions accurately represent and are synchronized with the speech and sounds in the video.
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