Report Title: 사설토토
January 16, 2023 04:44
  • Followed links in specfied domain only

URL Evaluation Information


0 Non-HTML Files Found

No URLs filtered out of evaluation

7 URLs Evaluated

The number of urls evaluated will usually be larger than the number of pages identified in the Summary Report. The difference is due to redirects causing the same page being evaluated more than once (e.g. and return the same URL). FAE 2.3 will only include the same returned URL once in the evaluation.

# URL Requested URL Returned Referencing URL Processing Time
(in milliseconds)
1 - 4370
3 https://totohearts.c......-%eb%b0%a9%eb%b2%95/ - 3498
4 https://totohearts.c......4%ed%86%a0%ed%86%a0/ - 4856
5 https://totohearts.c......0%ed%86%a0%ed%86%a0/ - 2410
6 https://totohearts.c......8%ed%95%98%ec%9a%b0/ - 3490

1 URL Not Included

URLs that were found, but were not evaluated for accessibility due to user configuration

# URL domain Referencing URL

1 Problem URL

URLs not evaluated because of error codes (e.g. HTTP status code was not 200) being returned, for example broken links. More information on HTTP status codes..

# URL Requested URL Returned Referencing URL HTTP Status Code Processing Time
(in milliseconds)
1 - 404 (not found) 1626

1 Evaluation Failed URL

URLs that were found and should have been evaluated for accessibility, but for some reason could not be evaluated (e.g. extensive html coding errors, signifcant Javascript errors on page being loaded...). The processing engine timed out its evaluation of the page or other javascript error from the page that stopped the evaluation.

# URL Referencing URL Processing Time
(in milliseconds)
1 1626