Frequently Asked Questions

Why report manual checking results?

The rules are designed to help users understand what accessibility issues they need to consider in the design of a website. Manual checks help users identify what they need to learn about accessibility inorder to insure their web resource is accessible. Currently manual checks help inform users of what they need to understand about accessibility, but in FAE 2.1 users will be able to update manual checks to Pass, Fail or Not Applicable to update the report details, summary and implementation scores for rules and rule catagories.

FAE and AInspector for Firefox evaluation results different?

There are two major reasons why FAE and AInspector for Firefox evaluation results may be different:

  1. When a page includes dynamically loaded content, the DOM that FAE 2.0 sees will often be different from the DOM that AInspector Sidebar sees, resulting in different evaluation results. The more dynamic the content in the page, the more possibility of a discrepancy.
  2. Pages that are responsive to screen dimensions will have different content rendered depending on the width of the screen. FAE 2.0 generally has a wide screen and AInspector Sidebar will analyze the content based on the current screen width.

Note: AInspector Sidebar will generally be more accurate than FAE for looking at Individual Pages.