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August 14, 2022 00:11

Target focus must be in content window


Severity Action
Manual Check Check the 62 links to make sure that if any of the links opens more than one window that the focus is in the content window.
Hidden The 2 link elements that are hidden do not need to be tested for content focus.


Rule ID Focus 3
Definition The target of a link must result in focus the content the window if the target results in more than one window opening.
  • User's can become disoriented if the focus causes unpredicatable actions, including new URLs and popup windows for advertisements or promotions.
WCAG Success Criteria

3.2.1 On Focus (Level A, Primary Success Criterion)

Rule Category Links
Scope Element
Target Resources a, area and role="link" elements
  • a
  • area
  • select
  • Do not link to URLs that open multiple windows and do not manage the focus to be in the content windoow the user was expecting by following the link.
Manual Checks
  • After selecting a link and if it opens multiple windows, make sure the keyboard focus is in the content window.
Informational Links

Element Results

Element Identifier Result Element Position Message

Column Definitions

Element Identifier
Information about the element associated with the result.
The information typically includes the tag name, accessible name or other information related to the rule requirements.
"Page" means that the result applied to the page. For example, the rule "One main landmark on the page" is a page level rule.
Element Position
The element position is based on the DOM order of elements in the page.
The element position maybe useful in helping to locate a specific element on the page evaluated (e.g smaller numbers are typically toward the beginning of a page and larger numbers typically toward the end of a page).
Element position 1 is the first element.
The highest element position is the last element.
Element position values for most rule/page results will not be consecutive since a rule only applies to a sub set of elements found on a page.