ARIA values must be valid

Rule ID Widget 4
Definition ARIA property and state values must be valid types.
  • ARIA attributes must be a valid type to accurately describe web content to users of assistive technologies, especially screen reader users.
Required Yes for HTML5 and ARIA Techniques ruleset mapping
WCAG Success Criteria

4.1.2 Name, Role, Value (Level A, Primary Success Criterion)

Rule Category Widgets/Scripting
Scope Element
Target Resources Elements with aria attributes
  • [aria-atomic]
  • [aria-autocomplete]
  • [aria-busy]
  • [aria-checked]
  • [aria-disabled]
  • [aria-dropeffect]
  • [aria-expanded]
  • [aria-grabbed]
  • [aria-haspopup]
  • [aria-hidden]
  • [aria-invalid]
  • [aria-label]
  • [aria-labelledby]
  • [aria-live]
  • [aria-multiline]
  • [aria-multiselectable]
  • [aria-orientation]
  • [aria-pressed]
  • [aria-readonly]
  • [aria-relevant]
  • [aria-required]
  • [aria-selected]
  • [aria-sort]
  • Use valid values for ARIA attributes.
  • Check W3C WAI Accessible Rich Internet Applications specifications for allowed values for ARIA attributes.
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